Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Juan de Alba

So the boy, his friend and I went out to eat in a little tapas restaurant in Little Havana about a week and a half ago, and as we were walking in, there was a guy who was dressed in what appeared to be a pirate costume. Of course, in my subtle manner, I stared at him in amazement as I walked past because I love pirates, I think they are fantastic. El boy hissed in my ear, "look sweety! a pirate! did you see the pirate?" once we were past.

After we sat down and discussed the pirate, he stepped on stage and started singing and dancing flamenco, and ripping on his sexual orientation in Spanish. He was awesome.


His name is Juan de Alba and is a regular flamenco performer in the community. Days later, el boy told me that apparently the pirate is famous in Miami and has been around for awhile. He was pretty funny, from what I understood, so I googled him. He has no website but he is on YouTube. So I present to you, Juan de Alba:

He doesn't really dance in this one like he did on his little stage. Nor is is pointing at people in the crowd like he did at el boy and el amigo. but he does get pretty into it.

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Lauren said...

Oh my! We have to go sometime!