Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dirty Bingo

So El Señor and I went to The Standard on Miami Beach for dirty bingo on Sunday Night (thanks to the email from my compadre, Lauren.)

Admittedly I wasn't sure what to expect but it was really really fun, even though we didn't win a damn thing. We camped out in the corner and took turns getting cards. The service was awesome and the bingo hostesses were awesome.

In general I like the Standard and think it's a hidden secret for most Miami Beach tourists because of the its location (on the Venetian Causeway and one of the prettiest little bridges to jog, bike or drive on.

Anyway, back to bingo. There was a definite younger, trendy crowd. And lots of regulars. My recommendation? Get there early and camp out on the cushions. And go with a group of people so you can claim a corner. Also, they pass around free shots and if you win regular bingo with the money box, your group gets a free pitcher of mojitos. And the prizes are pretty decent. I personally covet anything involving the spa, since it's been top rated.

Downside of it all? Parking. But thats all over Miami Beach.

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